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Rachel Sidney

Certified Personal Trainer &

Group Fitness Instructor

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Hi, I’m Rachel

NASM Certified Personal Trainer &

ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor

Transitioning to be a full time mom, I wanted to connect with other adults (baby brain is real) and stay active. That desire led me to my purpose, to spread joy and encourage a healthy lifestyle through exercise, and has expanded into a career I never imagined. I feel blessed to be able to build community and foster positivity through movement.

Workout Lesson

Offering Virtual & In Person Classes

Discover your why and let your commitment carry you through

Whether you're just getting into fitness or you're a veteran, I welcome you to share in the joy of movement with me. You can find me at the UCA HPER Center in Conway, AR, and at Cabot Community Center in Cabot, AR.


If you're not local to the area or not quite ready to come out in person, you can join me from the comfort of your own home with on demand classes. Work out when it's most convenient for you and choose from a variety of classes: STRONG Nation®, L1FT, M1ND, and more!

Check out the classes

In-Person Classes

Where to Find Me In the Community

Cabot Community Center

The free community series at True Holiness will resume in August.

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