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STRONGer Together 6 Week Bootcamp

April 12th - May 23rd

Get ready to jumpstart your fitness journey with the STRONGer Together Bootcamp! 

Welcome to six weeks of intense workouts, smart nutrition, and real results — on-scale and off. We'll focus on setting SMART goals and celebrating what our bodies can do. With weekly check-ins and a private WhatsApp group, you'll have  an accountability team to help support you and keep you motivated while you achieve your goals.

Bootcamp includes:

*SMART Goal Worksheet

*Workout Calendar

*General Nutrition Guidance and Recipes

*Weekly Check-ins and Personal Feedback

*Private WhatsApp Group Solely For Participants

*Live STRONG Nation™ Classes Every Mon & Wed at 8:15am (30min) AND 6:00pm (M-60min, W-45min) CDT/GMT-5

*On Demand HIIT, Weight Training, M1ND, & STRONG Nation™ Classes

Equipment Needed:


*Dumbells/Weight Plates

*Optional equipment: barbell and aerobic step


This bootcamp runs concurrently with the #StrongerTogetherChallenge, so you'll have access to bonus workouts, including a full 12 hours of live-streamed STRONG Nation™ classes led by Master Trainers from all around the world!


Purchase the special April-May All Access Pass and you'll automatically be enrolled in this 6 week bootcamp. Don't wait! This offer expires on 3/26/21. After that, the price goes up to $125.


Check out the calendar below and let's get STRONGer Together!