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Meet Rachel

What's Your "Why"

There will always be a reason to not start, to wait until you're "ready" before you begin your fitness journey, but I learned that when you discover your "why," your commitment will push you through even when motivation is in short supply. 


It’s not simply about losing weight, non-scale victories can mean more than you realize, but improving your quality of life. It's about feeling your best and nurturing yourself. It's about uncovering just how strong you are and how very capable you are of achieving and exceeding the goals you set for yourself.


Certified Personal Trainer 
and Group Fitness Instructor

Hey, y'all, I'm Rachel! After serving nearly 6 years in the US Navy, I transitioned out to spend more time with my tiny humans (who've been known to crash my virtual classes🤦🏽‍♀️😆).


Staying active post military was important to me, I wanted to make sure I continued to model an active lifestyle for my kiddos and that I was doing my part to stay around for them as long as possible. I also wanted to make sure I had some adult time. I loved the atmosphere in the group fitness classes I attended, so I figured an excellent way for me to say active and get in some social time would be to teach group fitness classes myself.


Group fitness has allowed me to build community with many wonderful people, in person and online. My classes are full of positive, motivated people who believe we really are stronger together. It is my goal to continue to spread joy and encourage a healthy lifestyle through fitness for as long as I am able.

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