Meet Rachel

What's Your "Why"

There will always be a reason to not start, to wait until you're "ready" before you begin your fitness journey, but I learned that when you discover your "why," your excuses won't matter anymore. 

Through fitness, I discovered my purpose: to spread joy and encourage a healthy lifestyle through exercise. It’s not about losing weight, but improving your quality of life. It's about feeling your best and nurturing the longest person you will live with, you. It's about uncovering just how strong you are and how very capable you are of achieving and exceeding the goals you set for yourself.


Certified Personal Trainer 
and Group Fitness Instructor

After serving nearly six years on Active Duty, I decided to transition out of the Navy to spend more time with my tiny humans. Being physically fit in service was very important and I wanted to make sure I kept up with that level of fitness after I separated. Not only that, I wanted to make sure I maintained a healthy lifestyle to be a good example for my tiny humans and to be able to be around them for as long as possible.

To ensure I stayed true to my goal of living a healthy lifestyle, I decided to become a group fitness instructor. I’d already lead small groups while in service and I loved attending group classes at the local gyms, so I figured I’d take something I already loved doing and share it with others. Group fitness has allowed me to touch and be touched by so many people and that sense of camaraderie and accountability is unmatched. 


Along the way, I've added several licenses to my portfolio, including STRONG Nation™, where I also serve as a Master Trainer and Technical Trainer, Zumba, TRX Suspension Coaching, and Schwinn Indoor Cycling, amongst others.